High-End Dacor Appliances in St. Louis, Missouri

Dacor began in California, in 1965. From the very beginning, they aimed to create high-end appliances rooted in style and driven by innovation. Dacor appliances are designed with exceptional materials and blend precision performance with meaningful innovation to make your home truly unique.

Dacor cooking appliances
Dacor dishwasher appliances
Dacor refrigeration appliances

Reasons to Consider Dacor Appliances

  • Variety of Appliances. Dacor offers a wide range of high-end appliances, such as refrigerators, cooking appliances, and dishwashers. Also, refrigerator options include column refrigerators, French door refrigerators, wine storage, and side-by-side refrigeration. And you can also choose from ranges, built-in ovens, cooktops, and range tops. 
  • Revolutionary Features. All Dacor appliances provide unique product features. For example, Dacor cooking appliances offer revolutionary features for the hard-working chef, including steam assist, brass burners, and Wi-Fi-enabled control panels. 
  • Sleek Style. If you have a specific design vision, Dacor appliances may be perfect. From contemporary to transitional, Dacor offers high-end appliances with simple design elements and sleek user interfaces so you can design the kitchen of your dreams. 

AUTCOhome Can Help You Purchase Dacor Appliances

Dacor appliances connect life and luxury through seamless technology with elevated features at your command. AUTCOhome Appliances is proud to serve the Greater St. Louis region and beyond with a broad selection of kitchen home appliances.

At AUTCOhome Appliances, we help you transform your kitchen, providing detail-oriented support and a commitment to customer satisfaction. When you shop with us for Dacor appliances, you can expect to find the following:

  • A knowledgeable, friendly staff willing to answer all of your questions before and after your purchase
  • A wide array of high-end appliances, including refrigerators, cooktops, and dishwashers

Have more questions about Dacor appliances? Visit our showroom in St. Louis, Missouri, to shop our selection of Dacor appliances. To schedule your appointment with a luxury brand appliance expert, contact AUTCOhome Appliances today!