2024 Kitchen Design Trend – Out with the White and In with the Warm

Over the last decade, an all white kitchen was most desired along with islands in a contrasting color, such as naval blue, dark grey, black or even shades of green.  Many were topped with white countertops splashed with grey veins found in natural materials or engineered stone.  All the combinations mentioned above, created beautiful kitchens that gave an airy and light feel.   All white kitchens will always be a classic and provide many years of enjoyment.  Going forward…there is a newer trend.

What is the trend for 2024? Let’s talk colors first.

The trend is warmer paint tones such as shades of pale peach (yes, peach is back), calm blues, and even softer blacks with lighter stained woods for cabinetry.  The newer tones can be a splash of color with your kitchen accessories or have your walls painted for a deeper affect. Incorporating these colors will definitely exhibit a welcome sign without the writing on the wall.

Painted cabinetry will never go away and neither will stained woods. Stained wood finishes were dormant for years and now they are be back in the spotlight. It’s actually favored to mix the two looks in creative ways, instead of all white or all stained.

Below are Behr Paint color samples paired with lightly stained wood cabinet panels to show you the simple contrast and the newest look you may want to consider in your next kitchen project.


What else is trending for 2024?  Let’s talk design.

Not only have color schemes changed…it’s the design.  More clients are adding small bar areas in the kitchen (or replacing the old school built-in desk area), to include built-in coffee makers, undercounter refrigerators for beverages, and built-in residential ice machines.  Ice machines can be high maintenance and have a life expectancy of 6-8 years with regular care. However, if you love a certain ice shape and you entertain a lot…ice machines are a luxury item and well appreciated.

Also, communal islands are making their way into newer kitchens.  Bar islands limit the conversation to the person on either side of you.  Adding stools around the sides of the islands, gives everyone an inclusive feeling and the ability to have face to face conversations.

How to re-fresh an all white kitchen…

Decorate with accessories that will give you a sense of warmth and coziness.  I know it’s difficult, especially if you want nothing displayed on the countertops. Currently, everything is hidden and has its place.  I’m not saying it’s time to pull out the Kitchenaid Mixer, but it’s time to live in it again. The clean look gives you a sense of order, however, adding a few favorite items can also soothe your soul.  Consider adding below without diving too deep into the dated farmhouse appeal.  Add some new touches and keep it modern.

  • Handmade kitchen accessories made out of wood…cutting boards, cooking utensils, salt keeper (one of my favorite accessories at home), etc…
  • Beautifully designed stacked cookbooks…it’s okay if you don’t cook…maybe they will peak your interest.
  • A retail establishment to find new accessories…my best kept secret for reasonably priced accessories is Hoods Home Furnishings in St. Peters.  Their focus is on original pieces not found in other stores and more of the neutral tones with splashes of color.  I just purchased the accessory pieces shown below to give our new living kitchen an inviting look for our clients.
    • https://hoodshomefurnishings.com

Other suggestions, consider a runner in the newest 2024 shade to warm up the overall feel or consider a more expensive option in replacing your island countertop with a wood countertop. Walnut countertops are timeless and age beautifully over time, if you maintain and seal them with wood oils.  My favorite product to use is Boos Mystery Oil found online.  It creates a beautful sheen and seals it over time.