Top Three Best Luxury Appliance Brands in St. Louis

What’s the Deal with Luxury Appliance Brands, Anyway?

You may be wondering what determines the difference between standard kitchen appliance brands and luxury appliance brands. Luxury brands earn this distinction by offering state-of-the-art features with a stylish, modern look and feel. Many of today’s luxury appliances have even evolved to include Wi-Fi technology so that you can control them from the convenience of an app on your smartphone or tablet. While these brands may cost a little more than others, many homeowners recognize luxury appliances are worth it when you want to create the kitchen of your dreams. They offer a much higher return on investment (ROI) value on average when compared to standard appliances. We’re often asked which luxury brands we recommend for those interested in upgrading their kitchen. We carry many trusted high-end brands, but these are the top five best luxury appliance brands worth checking out:

1. Sub-Zero/Wolf: Chilling Innovations in Refrigeration & More

While the Sub-Zero name packs a punch in the world of refrigeration, you can buy in confidence knowing their luxury appliances offer more than just brand recognition. Based in Wisconsin, Sub-Zero has emerged as one of the leading companies on the market when it comes to helping homeowners and chefs alike keep food fresher, longer. You’ll find air scrubbers, LED lighting, water filters, and more among their innovations. Thanks to their acquisition of Wolf, they also offer the best in twin-convection technology for more even heat distribution in stoves and ovens. Sub-Zero/Wolf wall ovens now utilize convection blower technology that outperforms many other ovens still featuring fans.

2. Gaggenau: German Innovation and Style at Its Very Best

There’s no substitute for German innovation and style. For over 330 years, Gaggenau has been a leading innovator in luxury appliances. Bosch’s purchase of this distinct brand only further strengthened its foothold in the industry. You can’t go wrong with a convection steam oven, coffee machine, cooktop, ventilation system, dishwasher, refrigerator, or any other luxury kitchen appliance from Gaggenau. Working with professional chefs has allowed Gaggenau to create intuitive equipment that is as functional as it is stylish. You’ll enjoy creating new dishes using Gaggenau’s innovative product line.

3. Thermador®: A Kitchen Trend-Setter Since the Early 1900s

Now owned by Bosch, Thermador® has been in the luxury appliance market for over 100 years and is credited with introducing Americans to the concept of the cooktop. From cooking ranges, wall ovens, and induction cooktops to dishwashers and refrigeration units, Thermador® offers a diverse product line. Never one to shy away from being a trend-setter, their newest dishwasher uses the volcanic element Zeolite to wash and dry your dishes incredibly in 20 minutes instead of the usual hour it takes other dishwashers. Thermador® also offers many rebate incentives to entice shoppers on a budget.

Find the Best Luxury Brands at St. Louis’ AUTCOhome Appliances

The kitchen is often called the heart and soul of a home. Much time is spent there preparing meals, dining, and chatting with friends and family. Whether you’re cooking alone or making memories with someone special, your kitchen appliances often take a beating during meal prep and afterward. Careful consideration should be given to the kitchen appliance brands you choose, so you select ones that are built to last. For over 20 years, AUTCOhome Appliances has helped customers in St. Louis, Fenton, and O’Fallon areas of Missouri select the best luxury appliance brands. The luxury brands we sell are industry trend-setters in terms of design, innovation, performance, and their average product lifespan.

View These Luxury Appliance Brands in Our Three Showrooms

Other honorable mentions in the best luxury appliance brands category include Viking, KitchenAid®, Dacor, GE, Samsung, and True®. Interested in viewing these brands in person? Stop by one of our three showrooms in St. Louis, Fenton, or O’Fallon today to get a glimpse of how your kitchen could benefit from being updated with these high-end appliances. You may also contact us with any questions you have when comparing brands. Our experts can help you select the best kitchen appliance brands for the money. When in doubt, be sure to also check out our helpful guide on choosing the perfect appliances!