10 Great Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Appliance

We all want a perfect kitchen – one where everything is stylish, functional, and never breaks. Unfortunately, for the casual buyer, figuring out how to choose home appliances can be discouraging. There are so many brands, costs, and styles to consider, and it’s difficult to craft your dream kitchen. Luckily, residents of St. Louis, Missouri, have the friendly, knowledgeable staff at AUTCOhome Appliances to help them navigate the best kitchen appliances for their money. Are you wondering how to get the best appliances for your money in St. Louis? Here are our top 10 tips for choosing the perfect kitchen appliances for your budget and lifestyle:

1. Get Out the Measuring Tape

Before you start looking at your options, it’s a good idea to measure the space your new home appliance will need to fit in. Nothing’s worse than finding the perfect appliance that matches your style and budget, only to discover that it won’t fit. If you know beforehand your size limitations, you can avoid disappointment in the future.

2. Consider Cleaning

When browsing for brand-new appliances, it’s easy to forget that food and grease will likely tarnish them one day. Spills are inevitable, so considering cleanability for each appliance is crucial. Will you be able to reach all visible parts of it for cleaning? Does it show fingerprints? What kind of cleaner will you need? All are important questions to ask before deciding on an appliance.

3. Be Aware of Energy Costs

Powering a full kitchen takes a significant amount of energy, but your home appliance selection can save you money on those energy bills. Look for appliances with ENERGY STAR® labels, meaning they meet the energy-efficiency criteria established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Refrigerators with freezers mounted on top generally use less energy than side-by-side models but can be more difficult to organize. Purchasing a dishwasher is another way to save on utility bills. On average, you can save $40 a year by running a fully-loaded dishwasher instead of washing it by hand. Our consultants at the AUTCOhome showrooms can walk you through dishwasher models from BoschElectrolux, and many more to determine which is the right choice for you.

4. Acknowledge Your Lifestyle

As you look for home appliances near you, consider how your new appliance will fit into your lifestyle. If you love cooking for huge family gatherings, a larger-than-average refrigerator may be necessary. Maybe you’re busy with work and kids, and a speed cooking oven would be perfect for your hectic schedule. Once you’ve thought about the functions your appliance will need to serve, schedule a one-on-one expert consultation at the AUTCOhome showroom to narrow your options.

5. Consider Appliance Accessibility

As you start to narrow down your home appliance choices, think about who needs, and who shouldn’t, have access. For example, an oven with controls on the front is a perfect choice for someone in a wheelchair. However, if you have a curious toddler, an oven with reachable controls may be the wrong choice. Before you make your final decision, make sure to consider everyone’s accessibility needs.

6. Think About Future Potential

When choosing appliance brands and styles, consider that your tastes could change in the future or you could decide to redecorate. Appliances in neutral colors may be a good idea if you anticipate these kinds of changes. Luckily, appliance brands understand that our tastes don’t stay the same. High-end appliance brands often design with classic lines in mind. These can mesh seamlessly with any style or season.

7. Balance Upgrades with Cost Effectiveness

When shopping around for home appliances, simply picking the least expensive option can be tempting. Your budget is important, and it should factor into what models you look at. However, don’t forget to consider useful upgrades even if they put the price slightly outside your budget. Some upgrades can save you money later on, whereas cheaper options could wind up costing you more in repairs. For help balancing budget and luxury, fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with an AUTCOhome consultant.

8. Take Advantage of Sales and Closeouts

It’s no secret that kitchen appliances can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for something more high-end. Don’t give up on your perfect kitchen, though. High-end outlets often offer huge closeout sales that give clients enormous savings on luxurious appliances. If you’re always on the lookout for great deals, you’re sure to find the best kitchen appliances for the money.

9. See It – and Test It – in Person

Online shopping is a huge time-saver. However, when browsing kitchen appliances, it’s essential to visit showrooms and see the appliances in person. Browse online to narrow down your wish list, then stop by to make the final decision. AUTCOhome Appliances has three showrooms in St. LouisFenton, and O’Fallon, MO, that are open to the public daily. Our experts can help you make the best decision based on your needs.

10. Familiarize Yourself with Warranties

Once you have your choices narrowed down to the best five kitchen appliances, it’s time to take a look at the warranties or service plans. Make sure you know what is covered for each, as an excellent service plan can justify a higher cost. If you have any questions about warranties, AUTCOhome Appliances in St. Louis is always here to help. Schedule your showroom consultation today for one-on-one expert appliance consultation and selection to help you decide on the perfect home appliances.